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How many therapy sessions will you need?

I cannot predict how many sessions each client will need and how long it will take before they finally cross that bridge, it is not within my power nor would I want it to be.

As my Yoga instructor said so well, ‘’ I am the bridge’’ but you have to be the one to do the work.

When it comes to the healing journey our clients must cross the bridge alone.

We cannot know what will be discovered when we start therapy, for the client or therapist this journey has no map that neatly finishes at the end of 6 sessions.

Respectfully I walk in relationship with my clients and allow my intuition and their unconscious knowing to guide us in our journey.

The therapist and client are interconnected only to a point that the client must take full responsibility of their therapeutic journey, ensuring, as therapists we are a witnesses, not an active participant in the story or the outcome.

I am humbled by the work my clients put into their healing, the time and curiosity, the energy that it takes to reach those parts of us that are buried, almost wiped from memory.

Therapy slowly and safely peels back the layers of our life stories, allowing a sense of clarity and deeper understanding of who we truly are, without the masks, personas, and the ultimate blocker of change, shame.

We are always looking for answers, we want life to be solved through the mind and as quickly as possible.

The model of 6 sessions shows little respect for the therapist or client and can often be seen as a failure when change does not happen.

This disservice to therapy is seen in many modalities and affects the deepness of the therapeutic relationship and process of transformation.

What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,



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