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Individual and Family Therapy

Our therapists work one-to-one with children and young people, with families together and with parents. As part of the initial consultation we will help you decide what type of therapy or support might be most helpful to your family.  

Counselling & Psychotherapy for Adults
Couples Therapy

Therapy should be a journey of discovering who we are and how we can better fit into our authentic self.


We all yearn to be the best version of ourselves but encounter blocks and triggers that stop us achieving this.


When we bend and adapt to what others want and require from us, we lose our essence and purpose.

Let therapy reconnect and free you from those unconscious bonds.

Counselling & Psychotherapy for Children

Our counsellors and psychotherapists will help children to explore confusing feelings and upsetting events that they may not have been able to fully understand.

Child psychotherapy often involves use of the creative arts where they can use image, music, drama, and play to communicate what they feel, in their own time.

A variety of creative resources are used to enable them to do this at their own pace and at their appropriate developmental level.  

Often psychotherapy can be long term work  to help children to manage relationships and conflicts in a healthy and confident manner.

Young People
Counselling for Young People

Counselling can help young people to make sense of the feelings they have, which might seem quite generalised, such as anxiety and low mood or could be specific, such as self-harm, addiction or difficulties at school.
Young people benefit from having a non-judgmental space that is independent of family, schools and friends. In this space they can safely voice their worries and explore relationships, feelings of confusion, and deep uncertainties or perceptions they may have.
Counsellors primarily use talking therapies but they may also integrate creative activities (such as using bodymaps to explore body issues) or CBT techniques to help understand cycles of behaviours and identifying coping strategies.
As a trusting relationship is established with a counsellor, a young person is better able to reflect upon and adjust their attitudes to themselves and others.

Through the counselling process, they become more likely to recognise

their own strengths and possibilities and start to feel different and perceive themselves more positively.

Happy Family
Family and Parent Support

Family and parent therapy helps the whole family when they face stressful  circumstances and relationship difficulties.

The therapist will facilitate a safe space for each family members’ view and understanding of a particular problem to be heard.

This type of support helps each family member to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to better understand the different views and  develop effective ways of communicating with one another.
We are able to offer families ad-hoc or a series of family sessions to support individual therapy work.

For example, it may be that one member of the family is having therapy but from time to time it is helpful for the whole family or parents to come together with a counsellor experienced in working with family dynamics.

Reach out to us for questions, enquiry, feedback & appointments

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