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We aim to respond within 48 hours of your initial contact. 


We can help you to decide which type of therapy would be most helpful, based on the age and presenting issues of your child and the needs of your family.

For example, it may be of help to have some counselling sessions for your child and also some parenting support sessions to help you navigate current difficulties.

Here at BFN we are especially experienced at supporting the whole family. 

While therapy sessions are confidential between the therapist and the child/ young person/ adult, we work collaboratively to ensure that individual therapy is integrated to bring positive changes to family life.


Click here to ask us a therapy question.

Meditating, sitting quietly and breathing slowly helps mental health.
"I honestly feel that Justine helped save my mental health and is responsible for how strong and confident I feel today" 

How We Can Help

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We can sometimes offer low cost sessions, please talk to us about this if you receive benefits or are a low-income family.

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