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Always believe in the possibility that change is possible

Bucks Family Network

Counselling and therapy for adults, children, young people and families.

In person and online sessions available.

Our Therapeutic Support

Click on a box below to find out more about how we work with adults,
young people, children and families.

What We Do

The BFN team work with adults, children, young people and families.

Creating a safe space for the therapeutic process to unfold brings about the desired change, or starts the journey towards understanding.​

We are qualified, professional and follow the BACP ethical code of practice. 

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Justine Briggs -Therapist and ADHD Coach  


Therapy is based on being seen, heard, and the creation of safety. Together the client and therapist build an inter-personal bridge where attunement allows a safe, mutual and respectful space to be created.


'Safety can only be established when compassion is present'

A.H. Almaas​​​ 

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