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Do we have to wait for a New Year to change our lives?

Sitting with the uncomfortable is no one’s favourite thing to do.

You know what I mean by uncomfortable, where doing the same thing you’ve always done just isn’t going to do.

You find yourself in an unhappy place and know that it’s time for change.

it’s a sticky, icky place that keeps you up at night or makes your tummy ache.


New year, new beginning they say, but for some bringing in the new year feels heavy and full of fear.

That sticky, icky feeling stops us from seeing the joy in each new day.

There is no need to wait for the New Year bells to chime or the singing choir to hail a new dawn.

Every day that we are graced with breath is an opportunity for change or to look at our situations in a different way.

2024 is just another year and January just another month.

Let us all celebrate life, breath and present moment experiences.

Let us celebrate connection, curiosity and possibility.

Let us celebrate each other’s struggles and the attempt to heal.

Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, we too are in motion, flowing and embracing the sticky, icky feeling of change.

What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,



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