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Your voice matters, you matter!

Friendships become a primal need not just a desire when you’re a teenager.

Mainly because your friends listen, they get you and they want to be part of your problem and solution.

They give you strength, empower you by validating your feelings and generally make you feel special and worthwhile.

They can lift your mood, make you giggle and take the struggles of the day away.

Friends are precious. 

What friends often struggle to do however; is offer perspective and insight. 

Your friends are developing their own sense of identity and depth and although we have lots of old souls in young bodies, generally it takes an older more intuitive human to offer the anchor to steady the stormy emotions that you might be feeling.

Asking for help, advice or just someone to listen, is a basic human need.

We all need to sit with a wise elder to gain our footing on life's slippery slopes. We need to sit with someone that embodies, warmth and kindheartedness.

Their strong words are filled with love and compassion and we know they can hold our pain and look after themselves at the same time. 

Don't be afraid to ask for what you need within the boundaries of safe relationships.

Teachers, parents, TA's, Counsellors, older siblings, grandparents, if you feel safe enough to talk to someone, please reach out.

Holding onto worrying feelings or thoughts affects our ability to focus on school, relationships, or our own wellbeing. 

Your voice matters, you matter.

What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,


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