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Why am I sad?

Melancholy - Sadness with no obvious cause


When each passing day blends into the next and there is nothing that inspires you,

you might have the melancholy bug.


This bug sneaks up, disguised as deep pain, worry or a concern that you have never shared with anyone.


It can have similar symptoms of the flu or common cold.

Although you can’t catch melancholy, you can feel like life is pointless, achy and numb.

You might lose your appetite or eat too much.

You head may ache, and your body can feel bruised and sore.

Your throat may feel blocked and constricted as you struggle to speak your truth.

Melancholy is a tricky bug to shift and can even affect the people around you.

Melancholy can last days, weeks, months, or even years.


Here are a few ways of checking in with you to determine if you have the melancholy bug.


You feel that life has no meaning and joy is a distant friend.

Sleep comes slow and painfully as your thoughts whirl around your head.

Smiling is a mask, something that is done on command rather than from the heart.

You feel invisible.

You feel scared or worried all of the time.

Nothing is funny, exciting, uplifting, bold, shiny, beautiful, or amazing anymore and finally being alone is often where you want to be the most.


Like so many bugs that we can catch, the right treatment can make us feel as right as rain, don’t wait, don’t hope for a better day, create the possibility of change by seeking help.


Melancholy - A sadness that had a cause, that has now been brought into the light.

What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,






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