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Therapy is a bridge that we can only cross by ourselves. 

My Yoga instructor expressed it perfectly when stating, “I am the bridge,” emphasising that the effort must come from you.

During the healing process, our clients are required to cross the bridge by themselves.


The therapist and client are connected up to a certain extent, after which the client must assume complete responsibility for their therapeutic progress. Therapists should act as witnesses rather than active participants in the client's story or its outcome.


I am deeply moved by the effort my clients invest in their healing journey, the dedication, curiosity, and energy required to explore those hidden parts of ourselves that have been almost forgotten.

Therapy gently and securely uncovers the layers of our life experiences, providing a clearer understanding of our authentic selves, free from masks, personas, and the powerful obstacle of shame.

Seeking quick mental solutions, we often overlook the profound process of self-discovery.

The model of 6 sessions shows little respect for the therapist or client and can often be seen as a failure when change does not happen.  


Various therapy approaches are impacted by this hindrance, which diminishes the depth of the therapeutic bond and the transformational process.

When embarking on therapy, neither the client nor the therapist can predict what will be uncovered, as this journey does not follow a clear map that concludes neatly after 6 sessions.

It is beyond my ability to foresee the number of sessions each client will require or the duration until they reach a breakthrough, and I do not wish to have that control.

With respect, I engage in a relationship with my clients, letting my intuition and their unconscious understanding lead us on our path.

Therapy and counselling sessions are available for children, teenagers, and adults dealing with anxiety and depression in the High Wycombe, Slough, and Buckinghamshire regions.

There is no waiting list, and you can refer yourself.

What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,


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