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News report says that half of Britain's prisoners could have ADHD

The City of London Police is the first force in the country to screen detainees in custody for ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The aim of the pilot is to help identify those with ADHD entering the criminal justice system at an early age allowing a quick diagnosis referral and get them the help they need.

Sarah Templeton CEO of ADHD Liberty has said that they are beyond grateful to the City of London Police for being the first force to pilot the scheme.

Detective Constable Daley Jones from the Metropolitan Police had been involved with the project from the start and has set up The ADHD Alliance to help spread the word to other forces.

There has been excellent National Press Coverage about ADHD screening including the BBC and The Evening Standard.

The report below from 5 news talks about ADHD screening for prisoners in custody and why it works so well to help stop prisoners reoffending.

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