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Is there room in the counselling room for intuition?

A counselling diploma or degree is usually the beginning of a very long journey for a newly qualified therapist.

Something that is often not discussed is the continuation of your learning journey - it never ends!

You cannot stop the forward motion of knowledge.

New theories are exciting and deepen your practice as a therapist.

From Neuroplasticity, generational trauma, racial trauma, PTSD, polyvagal theory, to Somatic and body therapy and many more.

I am totally absorbed in new approaches and knowledge that changes how I work with clients in my practice.

As an accredited member of the BACP I have a code of ethics as my framework for creating the right conditions for my clients, in order to maintain the boundaries of what we might call an ethical practitioner.

However, over the last decade of practicing as a Person Centred Counsellor, I now mix and match my theories to suit my clients, which is a tailored approach rather than sticking to the PCM.

I have tried to tune into my gut responses more and more.

Is this ok?

Am I breaking any laws?

Often we can forget that there is a unity at play between the mind, body and heart, offering us an opportunity to use all our senses to support and guide us in our client work.

I am learning through supervision to use my intuition and higher senses to feel into my client work, rather than just working from the cognitive perspective.

I am now asking permission to tap into the emotion in the room, to ask the client to stop and check in with their bodily sensations and ground their thoughts to the present moment.

I am deeply in love with the compassionate inquiry model that Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam have created.

The model is sculpted from somatic and trauma work from the most highly respected practitioners in the field and shared in a uniquely Gabor Mate way.

He has created CI so that anyone in the caring professions can use it, no need to be a therapist, just understand safety and how to build relationships that feel genuine and respectful.

I am establishing a connection with my intuition and really loving the benefits, I feel more connected to my clients but also more connected to myself and my processes.

It almost feels like I have been liberated and freed from the boundaries of just working with the mind.

My journey continues in this deepening and exploratory way and I am more excited than I have ever been about my work and the potential for my clients as they embark on their journey of self discovery.

In this video Dr. Daniel Siegel explains what is possible when we actively seek to change our brains, thus improving our relationships and stopping self-limiting patterns.

What we don't heal we pass on.

Be well,



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