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ADHD diagnosis as an adult and what that meant to me

Being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) as an adult, meant very little to me.

I knew a long time ago that my brain wasn’t wired quite right.

What the diagnosis allowed me to do, was accept it, embrace it and to stop condemning myself for being the impulsive, daydreamer that I am.

However, impulsivity can lead to addiction and addiction can lead to poor choices, which for someone who is impulsive is quite normal and so the loop continues.

Remember even good things can be addictive, even exercise!

Impulsivity can sometimes get you into trouble, I know this feeling, this way of being.

My impulsivity to life means amazing things happen to me, I feel blessed. I go with my gut instinct and things often fall into place.

I can then breathe a sigh of relief instead of explaining to loved ones why I made another mistake that they might have to help me get out of!

Can you relate?

However, it doesn’t always work that way and on some occasions the cards don’t fall quite right and bad things happen, from failed businesses to poor house choices.

Crazy holidays to bad hair days, I have made some big blunders due to my impulsive mind.

I have been in tough situations and only through my resolve and determination have managed to get myself out.

My impulsive brain beats to a different drum and although I love this about me, I also hate it.

Would you like to learn more?

All their counsellors, coaches and therapists are diagnosed ADHD themselves. Some are also parents of ADHD kids and some also have ADHD partners.


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