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'Beyond You' is a one to one, 8 week online therapy course with your future self in mind.


Come and join me, on a theraputic journey designed to take a deep dive of you!  


Through a lens of self-compassion and awareness, you will learn to navigate challenges with a more robust understanding of why you may respond or feel the way you do.


This 8 week therapy course is less  about blaming yourself and others and more about finding your inner strength by learning to harness your own superpowers.


1 to 1 therapy can be a lifeline and a safe place to talk about anything that maybe distressing or challenging.  


Therapy is powerful and can bring about change in the most amazing ways.


However, there can be times when we feel stuck, possibly circling back to the same place week after week without much change.


I designed this program to cover themes that come up in my sessions regularly, lack of self-acceptance, being our worse critique, anxiety, overthinking, and mood.


Generally, many of us are consumed by what others think of us, leading to many unhelpful thinking patterns.  All these negative themes can mess with our self-esteem and worthiness to show up in the world as confident individuals.


'Beyond You 8-week program' is designed to take the place of a normal 50 min therapy session covering more ground.

Using creativity, mindfulness, coaching and therapeutic skills, we will navigate the 8-week program with curiosity and a willingness to keep an open mind.


Join me on taking this step to understanding your mind a little more intimately, by finding ways of managing your distress with real tools for now, and your future self - all of this still within the safety of the therapeutic space.


Beyond you, is about understanding all the parts of you and how you uniquely connect into your family, community and wider world.


Be open.

Be curious.

Go Beyond You.


What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,





8 Week Therapy & Coaching Programme

  • You will receive a physical work book and welcome pack sent in a cardboard mailer envelope, via Royal Mail, to your physical address.

    The 8 week journal is slightly larger than A4 in size giving you plenty of space to journal before, during and after therapy sessions.

    In your welcome pack you will recieve some of our beautiful wellness art postcards, the journal and a pen.


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