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Intuitive People With ADHD Stand Out From The Crowd

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

When people hear the term ADHD, suddenly they are reminded of small children bouncing up and down, angry outbursts, and tantrums.

All of these do exist within the realms of ADHD but there is so much more and unfortunately, it is misunderstood and misdiagnosed far too often.

In my clients, I see creativity, diversity, empathy, compassion, drive, and an eye for brilliant things that others couldn't even imagine if they spent a lifetime trying.

People with ADHD are intuitive and will often be the ones that stand out from the crowd because they have so much charisma and charm you can't help but notice them.

The little-known chemical imbalance that can affect dopamine transmitters can play havoc with things like emotional regulation and executive functioning, memory, organisation, sequencing, and general timekeeping.

For most adults with ADHD failure has become a partner they know well and accept as part of their everyday life.

This could mean failing in relationships or the professional world, but failure becomes a word often accompanied by; 'I could have done better’ or 'Why do I never get this right?’

Adults find overthinking exhausting and destructive in the work place.

Have you ever ruminated over how someone spoke to you?

Have you replayed a conversation in your head a thousand times?

Do you ever wonder why you feel the need to please?

Do you ever do the most, be the best so others see you in a good light?

These are all the emotionally crippling aspects of ADHD and part of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)

This blog post isn't to go into the fine details of ADHD if you want to know more, I will add a couple of videos below which you may find interesting to watch.

My post is to highlight the impact counselling and coaching can have on your personal and professional world.

Having an accountability partner and sounding board can offer an escape from the constant messages of self-doubt that stops us from achieving our goals, having meaningful connections, sleeping well, and often living a full and healthy life.

Coaching offers a mirror that shines brightly on the parts of us that need to be dusted off and reconnected to our whole.

Our dreams and aspirations mattered when we put them on the shelf all those years ago and they matter today. Reach, move, and lean into the uncomfortable feelings that flood in when we aspire to fill our cup.

Justine Briggs

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