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Intrusive thoughts

Once I had a thought that I wasn't good enough,

I decided to let the thought come in and stay a while.

Like an unwelcome guest it stayed longer than I expected.

I guess I wanted to be the perfect host and provide everything that the thought might need.

I didn't want to seem rude.

I entertained the thought longer than I should have.

When I finally gained courage to ask it to leave

The thought just got up, thanked me for my hospitality and admitted they had likely stayed too long.

Farewell said the thought.

Farewell I said.


Here are a few more notes on intrusive thoughts.

A thought is just a thought, there is nothing to say that the thoughts we generate are real or need to be acted upon.

We can spend an awful lot of our time letting in unhelpful, intrusive thoughts and allowing them to reframe our mood, our day our life.

When an intrusive thought flows in, ask yourself how long will I allow this thought to affect me?

How quickly can I fact check this thought?

Don’t let negative thinking stay too long.

What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,


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