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Mediation- finding a way forward

Disagreements are normal and relationships without any conflict would be abnormal. How couples deal with conflict is the critical factor.

We are often asked by parents who are going through divorce or separation how to make the transition as inclusive and supportive for the whole family as possible.

Supporting the overall emotional wellbeing of children and young people at such a critical time can have far reaching affects on relationships, confidence and emotional wellbeing. Parents have the power to make separation and divorce an easier transition by offering opportunities for open and honest discussion.

Most young people say they wish they had known sooner or been a part of the process.

We are able to offer mediation sessions for parents and children, with a trained Counsellor and Mediator. This gives you a safe and confidential space to support your family through separation or parenting disputes, with a written agreement at the end of the sessions. Mediation plans are not legally binding put offer a more formal way to cement visiting arrangements, parenting disparities or challenging decisions that both parties need to agree too.

Mediation works and can empower the whole family to bring about positive but necessary change.

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