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Letting go

I dreamt of butterflies, fluttering all around me.

I waved my arms around, trying to create space between my face and their fluttering wings.

One butterfly wing gently grazed against my lips and so I closed my mouth tightly.

When I woke, I had this immediate sense of letting go or lessening the grip.

When we deeply want something to happen, or we don’t want something to end we take ownership of the energy surrounding it.

We are carried away by the want to be more happy, more financially stable, in a better relationship or have that perfect job.

When I work with clients, I often notice how heavily invested they are in their story, almost mesmerised by its power.

The letting go or loosening the grip can offer us a different version to our stories, as we step back, we can see that there could be another way.

Maybe we can view ourselves differently, have more compassion for our journey, be softer with our broken parts or our super strong parts.

Letting go of what has hurt us is not an easy concept and can often for many reasons not be accessible to us but if there is an opportunity to let go of what has caused us pain, it can be transformational and an opportunity to be curious about what lies beyond. I am working also on that healing journey, letting go of what no longer serves me.

Dreaming of butterflies is a symbol of transformation and change.

What you don't heal you pass on.

Be well,



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