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Schools and Community

Our therapists work within both primary and secondary schools and we will tailor our package to meet to the needs of your school.

Individual therapeutic support

- We offer weekly one-to-one therapeutic sessions for pupils

- Break or lunchtime drop-in support for children who need it during the school day



Whole-class or group programmes

- Specially trained therapists can deliver well-recognised programmes to support the development of emotional resilience and address anxiety issues in children and young people.

- Therapists trained and registered with Connected Kids can deliver mindfulness sessions within your school.


- Our therapists can also support with headteachers, teachers and staff with reflective practice, one-to-one support and training on mental health and emotional wellbeing topics.


When you cannot accept help without self judgment, you cannot give help without judgement. 

Connected Kids Program

Connected Kids is designed to support children and young people through learning to relax and use basic mindfulness skills. By using the breath and visualisation techniques children develop an inner strength to tackle their own levels of anxiety. Understanding how to calm their stressed and busy minds children soon develop a calmer more in tune self that is often able to stop anxiety from disturbing their school day, friendships and beyond.
The sessions work on the breath, relaxation and noticing signs of anxiety and working through them. Sessions are as little as 10 minutes and as long as 45min depending on age and stage of the children and young people.

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